Company Profile

Shiv Ashish Group Pvt. Ltd. has grown to become an important provider of conducive and specific solutions to leading industries for production and manufacturer of Ingots , LimeStone (Gitti) and producer of Agriculture. Akash Ispat Pvt Ltd (Unit of Shiv Ashish Group), as the Company is known today, was founded in the year 1996 for the production and manufacturer of Ingots from Induction Furnace. The products of Shiv Ashish Group have valuable features such as reliable quality, superior performance and high cost performance ratio. Apart from various other special devices and machines for charging the furnace, lining removal etc. In order to provide state-of-the-art solutions to their customers, Shiv Ashish group has been at the forefront in adopting and applying new technologies and processes to its customers, thus maintaining its leadership position. Shiv Ashish Group ISO 9001 - 2008 certification is a testimony to its commitment to provide products that always exceed performance and quality expectations. In the future, Shiv Ashish Group will continue its programme of “Management, standardization, technological innovation and putting customers first” to provide high value-added products and services for their customers by taking advantage of the superior local resources and policies. Through implementing the four strategies of innovation, integration, merger and internationalization, Shiv Ashish Group will strengthen its leading position among domestic industry